Message from the Prosecutor

Mark A. Sorsaia

Prosecuting Attorney

 Putnam County West Virginia

Dear Internet User:

Modern advances in technology have created many useful tools  that have improved our ability to enforce the law, and to communicate with the public. We have made a commitment to use this new technology to help keep the public informed regarding law enforcement issues and of related news.

We will welcome any information you may have regarding any possible criminal activity that may be taking place in Putnam County. Useful information received by us will be immediately forwarded to the proper law enforcement agency for investigation. We will also welcome your comments regarding the functioning of our law enforcement community , that could be used to help improve our operations, and to better serve you.


Mark A. Sorsaia
Prosecuting Attorney

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Additional Staff

Kristina Raynes, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Jennifer Scragg-Karr, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Paige Hoffman, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Kevin Lawson, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Elizabeth Sunyog, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Nancy Bellomy, Office Manager/Investigator
Sara Whitney, Investigator
Travis L. Castle, Investigator

Diana Bailey, Legal Assistant
Kimbery Pullen, Legal Assistant
Tiffany Noffsinger, Legal Assistant

Marian Smith, Victim Service Liaison

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