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October 30, 2015 Poca Middle School Red Ribbon Week Press Release
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July 16,2008  July 2008, Report of the Putnam County Grand Jury Press Release
Nov.23,2007 Learn about the Adam Walsh Act...from APRI Guide to Adam Walsh Act.
Nov. 23, 2007 West Virginia Supreme Ct. of Appeals reverses and remands State vs Danny Cecil Case see opinion
Nov. 23, 2007 Justice Dept. 2004 Crime Statistics. . Press Release
Nov. 23, 2007 Legislature is looking at changing DUI Laws press release
Nov.15, 2007 November 2007 grand jury report Press release
Aug23, 2007 Prosecuting Attorney Mark A. Sorsaia is appointed to the Board of Regents of the National College of District Attorneys... Press Release
Aug.23, 2007 Prosecuting Attorneys Office investigators provide law enforcement training in Putnam County to prepare for the possibility of school violence.... Press Release
July 2007   July 2007 Grand Jury Report. Press Release
Aug23,2007 Prosecuting Attorneys Office investigators lead  law enforcement training at local schools, in connection with the Safe Schools Program Press release
Feb.13,2007 The Prosecuting Attorney's Office sponsored its second annual law enforcement training seminar in Winfield on Feb. 13,2007. The Law Firm of Pullin, Fowler, & Flanagan,PLLC, presented several presentations regarding important topics relating to the law enforcement profession. Investigator Scott Pauley of the Prosecuting Attorneys Office coordinated the event.   photo



Jan. 2007 The Putnam County Sheriffs Department held a ceremony at the Putnam County Courthouse to honor its retired members.  Sheriff Mark Smith stated that when he was elected Sheriff of Putnam County that he decided to honor the Retired Members of the Putnam County Sheriff Department with credentials  that are normally given to retired members of law enforcement.  The ceremony was attended by four former Putnam County Sheriffs, Delbert Harrison, David Alford, Donald Wright, and Harold Bailey. Photo



November 15, 2006

Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney Mark A. Sorsaia announces grand jury report

Press Release
Dec. 16, 2006

Prosecuting Attorney Mark A. Sorsaia serves as faculty at the National Advocacy Center located at the University of South Carolina. The National Advocacy Center is a National Training Center for Prosecutors.  The training programs are administered by the NDAA's  National College of District Attorneys.  Mr. Sorsaia participated as faculty for the Trial Advocacy One Class that began on Dec. 11, 2006 through Dec.15.2006. Trial Advocacy One Class focuses on trail advocacy skills for prosecutors that have under three to five years experience.    

Faculty Photo

Class   Photo

May 22, 2006 Prosecuting Attorney Mark A. Sorsaia releases memorandum re: increase in the Criminal case load for the year 2005. Press Release
June 14, 2006 May 5, 2006, Miss Lawhon's 4th grade class of Hurricane Town Elementary School visited the Putnam County Judicial Building for a tour given by the staff of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. They also were able to see the Putnam County 911 center, the County Commission Chambers, the County Clerks Office, and they were given a presentation by the ambulance service. Photo
June 14, 2006

Prosecuting Attorney Mark A. Sorsaia announces the employment of criminal investigators by the Office of Prosecuting Attorney.

Press Release
June 14, 2006 Social Web Sites that your children are using, such as "Myspace", can be very dangerous.   See a Los Angeles Ca. FBI Press Release, or go to the FBI Link on the subject.  FBI Press Release
November 20, 2006 National District Attorneys Association President Mat Heck, announces the appointment of Mark A. Sorsaia to the Board of Directors of the NDAA. press release

December 9, 2006

The Putnam County Law Enforcement Community Mourns the loss of Deputy L. Edward Miller. Deputy Miller was killed in a motor vechial accident in Mason County West Virginia. Deputy Miller joined the Putnam County Sherriff Department in 2003, and also  was employed by the Winfield Police Department.  

    Pursuant to Rule 3.6(b) (6) of the West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys, the fact that a defendant has been charged with a crime, is merely an accusation, and that the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. Mark A. Sorsaia


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